Almighty Voice

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Almighty Voice c. 1874 - 1897

Taken into custody at Duck Lake on a charge of killing cattle, Almighty Voice escaped on the night of October 22, 1895. Here, one week later, he shot and killed Sergeant C.C. Colebrook N.W.M.P. who pursued him. It was not until May 28, 1897 that Almighty Voice and two companions were surrounded by Mounted Police and civilian volunteers in the Minnichinas Hills. In the ensuing two day engagement the three Indians, two policemen and one civilian were killed, and three others wounded.


Land Location NE S29 T45 R20 W2M
Rural Municipality 429 - Flett's Springs
GPS Location 52° 54' 49.64" N, 104° 51' 54.68" W
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