Bell Farm

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Bell Farm

The Bell Farm, an early corporate farming venture controlled by the Qu'Appelle Valley Farming Company and managed by Major W.R. Bell, once occupied the surrounding district including Indian Head townsite.

Between 1882 and 1889, the company settled more than 100 tenant farmers on 21 000 hectares. The cottages of these farmers were connected to the farm's headquarters by telephone, and every evening people reported thie progress and planned the next day's activities. Farming was attempted on such a large scale that there were sometimes 45 binders harvesting a single feild. However, after impressive early growth, the farm ran into difficulty. Some crops were damaged by early frost and drought, and almost no farming was done in 1885 because most of the horses and many of the men, including Major Bell, worked to transport supplies to the Canadian army fighting against the metis at Batoche. These problems resulted in the breakup of the company in 1888.

The Dominion Experimental Farm, 1600 meters to the east, was once part of the farm and its round stone stable stands 3 kilometers north on highway 54.


Land Location SW S24 T18 R13 W2M
Rural Municipality 156 - Indian Head
GPS Location 50° 31' 41.56" N, 103° 40' 37.09" W
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