Cochin Green Lake Trail

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The village of Cochin is named after father Louis Cochin, a pioneer missionary among the Cree Indians. For many years he resided among the Indians who wintered on the shores of Jackfish Lake. Fr. Cochin is best remembered as the priest who was ministering to pound-maker's band during the rebellion of 1885 on whom he is credited with exerting a moderating influence.

This trail connected the Cochin Mission here with other Indian settlements on Birch Lake and Chitek Lake and the Hudson's Bay Company post on Green Lake. Part of the trail was traversed in 1885 by troops engaged in the pursuit of rebellious Indian bands under Big Bear.

Jackfish Lake was the crossroads of many trails including the Old Carlton Trail and a trail north to Loon Lake and the Beaver River.


Land Location NW S07 T47 R16 W3M
Rural Municipality 468 - Meota
GPS Location 53° 2' 26.63" N, 108° 20' 1.32" W
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