Cripple Camp

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Cripple Camp

In 1874 began a new chapter of law enforcement on the prairies.

That summer, 300 men of the newly organized North-West Mounted Police marched west from Dufferin, Manitoba, their destination the Rocky Mountain foothills, to bring the laws of Canada to its newly acquired North-West territories.

Drought, prairie fires, mosquitoes and inexperience made the trek one of great toil and hardship for both man and beast.

On August 19, they set up camp for 8 men and 26 horses, too sick to proceed, and called it 'Cripple Camp', the nearby ford became known as Cripple Crossing.

In October, the 'Cripples', well again, marched to Fort Livingstone on the Swan River, the first North-West Mounted Police headquarters.


Land Location SE S01 T11 R03 W3M
Rural Municipality 104 - Gravelbourg
GPS Location 49° 52' 23.38" N, 106° 33' 24.55" W
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