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As the area (to be known as the Rock Point district in future years) became settled, it became apparent that a burial ground was required. The first recorded death was a child of Arthur and Emma Holmstrom in 1912. Arthur sought advise from his father-in-law as where to bury the child. Salmo Raisanen told him to use the hill in the southeast corner of his land as he would never bring it under cultivation. This was the first burial in the plot of ground that has seen 121 burials since. (SW of 3-26-9-W of 3rd). Several burials took place before the community decided to legalize it into a cemetery. On August 20, 1917, a meeting was called for that purpose. The result was a formation of a company , officials were elected, and guidelines laid. Alfred Roanen was named chairman; John Hakkla, sec. treasurer, and J. F. Holmstrom, as a director. It was decided to ask R. F. Fredeen for assistance in the legal work involved. That year they held three meetings, and in 1918 a fence was erected and measuring of plots was done. Johyn Karvonen agreed to officiate on a temporary basis. He was also chairman for 1918. Jacob Ylioja became chairman in 1919 and served as sec. tres. until 1946. After that, a new board was elected; T. R. Ylioja, chairman; Willmar Ylioja. sec. treas; E. Roanen, E. Pirness, E. Sukanen, and W.Kemppainen, as directors. These men undertook the task of reorganizing and beautifying the property. The response from the community has been terrific. Trees have been planted, graves have been looked after without fee, and now all graves have a name marker for identification. Two days each summer a general clean-up and repair is done by the people of the community.


Land Location SW S3 T26 R9 W3M
Rural Municipality 255 - Coteau
GPS Location 51° 11' 3.48" N, 107° 10' 44.40" W
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