Lakeview Cemetery - RM 255 Coteau

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According to the memories of some of the more mature residents, in Aug. 1908 a gentleman named Caleb Handford passed away. As there was no cemetery, the people of the community decided he should be buried on the hill overlooking the north end of Luck Lake. That same year another young gentleman passed away and he was buried on the hill as well. The community, realizing the need to make the cemetery official, set up a series of meetings and in 1910 the 10 acres around the already existing graves were surveyed as a cemetery. Plots were sold for $5.00 each to raise money to pay the surveyors, a price that remains the same today.


Land Location SW S22 T24 R08 W3M
Rural Municipality 255 - Coteau
GPS Location 51° 3' 12.56" N, 107° 2' 37.64" W
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