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Matthew S. Anderson

1882 - 1974

Matt Anderson of Bulyea was a driving force in the evolution of Saskatchewan health care. Inspired by state health care in his native Norway, he compaigned from the mid 1920s for a similar system in Saskatchewan.

In 1938, as reeve of the rural municipality of McKillop, he introduced a municipal health care scheme which became a model for others. His plan provided unlimited access to a municipal doctor, 21 days hospital care, and prescription drugs. The plan differed from others in that each resident was to pay an annual fee of 5 dollars.

Municipalities did not have the power to collect such a levy and Anderson worked with the provincial government to draft legislation to permit its implementation. In 1939 the "Matt Anderson Bill" was passed and health insurance districts, based on his plan, were established. The first district was in the R.M. of McKillop. This district remained until 1962 when a comprehensive provincial system was introduced. This system was a tribute to the vision of Matt Anderson and others like him.


Land Location NW S22 T23 R21 W2M
Rural Municipality 220 - McKillop
GPS Location 50° 58' 19.60" N, 104° 52' 5.30" W
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