QuAppelle Crossing

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Qu'Appelle Crossing

The old ford on the Qu'Appelle river just south of here was once the cross-roads of the west.

Indians, hunters, and Traders used it long before the Hudson's Bay company built Fort Qu'Appelle in 1864 just upstream on the south flat.

In 1882 the C.P.R. passed 20 miles to the south, settlement of this region followed and the crossing became a vital link with the north.

In the last half of the nineteenth century the following important trails converged and crossed the river at this point:

Two from Wood Mountain

One from Fort Walsh

One from Red Deer Forks

One from Elbow of the South Saskatchewan

One from Battleford and Prince Albert

One from Fort Pelly

and two from Fort Ellice


Land Location SE S18 T21 R13 W2M
Rural Municipality 187 - North QuAppelle
GPS Location 50° 46' 32.38" N, 103° 47' 8.56" W
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