Rt Hon J G Gardiner

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Rt. Hon. J.G. Gardiner 1883 - 1962

Premier of Saskatchewan from 1926 - 1929 and 1934 - 1935, 'Jimmy' Gardiner had a long and distinguished career serving the people of his province and his country.

Arriving in Saskatchewan in 1904, Gardiner attended normal school in Regina and for over a decade taught school. Elected to the legislative assembly in 1914, he entered the cabinet in 1922 and four years later was chosen to replace Dunning as Premier. In 1935, Gardiner resigned as premier to become Federal Minister of Agriculture. A position he held until 1957.


Land Location SE S24 T20 R10 W2M
Rural Municipality 186 - Abernethy
GPS Location 50° 43' 32.30" N, 103° 15' 45.54" W
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