Third Meridian

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This marker at the Third Meridian, which is a major control survey line upon which the survey of Saskatchewan's lands to the west depends, honors the work of pioneer surveyors who overcame great difficulties in establishing a vast survey system on the prairies.

Basic to land settlement and the free homestead policy, the survey system of townships, sections and quarter sections, with allowance for roads, permitted ready location of lands and registration of titles.

Most of the provincial survey system was completed between 1880 and 1905 and now covers more than 110,000 square miles. The pioneer land surveyors made a notable contribution to the development of Canada by establishing one of the world's more efficient survey systems, unique in its uniformity, simplicity and practicality.


Land Location NE S25 T17 R01 W3M
Rural Municipality 163 - Wheatlands
GPS Location 50° 27' 57.82" N, 106° 0' 17.71" W
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