Thurber SD 1365

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Closed 1952
Established 1906
School District 1365

As early as the year of 1903 the first settler, John Holmes, homesteaded in the district which was later to become the Thurber district. By the year 1906 there were no fewer than thirty-two settlers.

In June of 1905, the first meeting of the resident ratepayers was held to discuss the building of a school.

The lumber for the school was hauled by team from Davidson, about thirty-five miles. Building began in the fall of 1905 and school opened in 1906. Mr. Robert Webster of Elbow was engaged as teacher.

Some the pupils who attended the Thurber School at that time are still living in Elbow. They are: Mrs. George Hundeby, Mr. George Medby and Mr. Alfred Bartley.

The school was kept in operation until 1952. During that time about two hundred and twelve trustees meetings were held.



Land Location NE S22 T25 R05 W3M
Rural Municipality 254 - Loreburn
GPS Location 51° 9' 9.54" N, 106° 36' 33.88" W
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