Wood Mountain Fort Quappelle Trail

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Wood Mountain - Fort Qu'Appelle Trail

The 250 mile trail linking Wood Mountain with Fort Qu'Appelle passed this site.

From about 1850, Indian, Hunters, Traders, Missionaries, Mounted Police and Pioneers transported pelts, pemmican and provisions over its length.

From Wood Mountain the trail ran east to Willow Bunch, North-East over the Dirt Hills, across Moose Jaw and Wascana creeks to the Hudson's Bay company fort on the plains and thence North to Fort Qu'Appelle.

A cart train normally made the trip in three weeks.

Father Lestang was a regular traveler, ministering to Metis settlements. In 1881, Sitting Bull led his Sioux band this was, vainly seeking sanctuary in the Qu'Appelle Valley.


Land Location SE S02 T14 R20 W2M
Rural Municipality 129 - Bratts Lake
GPS Location 50° 8' 4.38" N, 104° 37' 25.68" W
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